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Hey Guys, I'm Eric Dupree and I'm the creator of this site, as well as a former smoker. As we all know, it's almost impossible to quit smoking due to the addictive qualities of nicotine. And the longer you've been smoking, the harder it is to quit. I know this -- I've experienced this the same as you. But the one tool I was able to use was the ability to set a timeline and taper off slowly until I was able to quit with almost zero withdrawals. I hope to keep making this site interesting and informative and hopefully it will help you create your own timeline and finally quit once and for all. Good luck!

Quit Smoking Timeline

Deciding to quit smoking is not easy, especially for those who have been smoking continuously for many years. Those smokers, who cannot stop even if they wanted to, find it difficult, even impossible to quit because their body has become dependent on nicotine, an addictive substance found in cigarettes and tobacco. Nicotine is known to have many side effects including increased blood clotting tendency, cause muscular pain and tremors, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, coronary artery constriction, and other serious symptoms. It also causes less serious effects that smokers tend to just brush off or ignore like headaches and nausea. Without proper knowledge, they usually dismiss these symptoms as something unrelated to their smoking habit. Smoking poses a lot of health risks that could lead to terminal diseases like lung cancer and eventually death. There is a quit smoking timeline of benefits when a smoker decides to stop smoking.

So, what can a smoker do to reduce all these risks? Just quit smoking, of course. There is no other way. But as mentioned earlier, it is not easy. It is not the actual stopping that is difficult – it is the withdrawal symptoms that are hard to bear. Just think about the quit smoking timeline of benefits to motivate you. Keep your mind off of cigarettes by keeping yourself entertained with other things. Set your goal by following the quit smoking timeline.

The Quit Smoking Timeline:
Quitting will prove beneficial to you. To give you an idea of a quit smoking timeline you would be going through when you suddenly stop smoking, take a look at the following:
-Quit Smoking Timeline Day 1: You will start to feel a significant difference in your body. Within the first minutes to a few hours, your blood pressure and pulse rate will decrease and your blood oxygen level should normalize. The chance of heart attack also decreases dramatically.
– Quit Smoking Timeline – Day 2: Your senses will improve, especially your sense of taste and smell.
– Quit Smoking Timeline – Day 90/3 months later: You will notice that phlegm production will decrease – no more coughing and wheezing as often. Your circulation and lung function will improve.
– Quit Smoking Timeline – Day 365: In a year, your risk of coronary heart disease drops down to 50% of that of a smoker. You become more energetic and body functions will return to normal.
– Quit Smoking Timeline – Day 3650: In 10 years, your risk of having a stroke, lung cancer and ulcers drops.
– Quit Smoking Timeline – Day 5475: 15 years and it is as if you have never smoked at all.

If you need help with smoking cessation, do not hesitate to contact any smoking helpline. Set your target dates that follow the quit smoking timeline.

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